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Motorspot Incorporated, An Authorized Roadster Wire Wheels Dealer

Here at Motorspot, Inc., we know a lot about wire wheels and white wall tires. The DNA of our company traces back to 1974 when our predecessors began building wheels in California. Owned and operated by automobile enthusiasts, here at Motorspot, Inc. we pride ourselves in offering the most styles of wire wheels, the best prices and the best service available.

We have served the beginning car collector all the way to the professional restoration shop. Our client list includes some of America's top car builders. We only sell wheels and tires that we would put on our own cars. We sincerely recognize that our customer's cars are like treasure and we intend to put a shine on your jewel. Having the best looking and fitting wheel is more important to us than making money.

The Roadster® line of wire wheels was first launched in 1988 in California. The founder of the Roadster® Company was passionate about building the best wire wheels that money could buy. Roadster® wasn't the biggest wheel company but Roadster® always strived to make their wheels the best in the industry.
Our representation of the Roadster® line of fine wire wheels began twenty years ago. Eventually, Roadster® Wire Wheels was acquired by Coker Tire Company® and is now one of the assets of Legendary Companies®. Legendary Companies® have teamed up with Dayton Wire Wheels to produce the styles of wire wheels shown on our website. With the added horsepower of Motorspot, Inc., the consumer can now count on receiving the best service, best prices and free shipping as well. All of the Roadster® line of wire wheels come standard with premium stainless steel spokes.

If you cannot find the wire wheels you require on this website, please contact us and we can help you obtain just what you need. We have a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry at your service. Please put our experience to work for you.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you.